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Hands Bright Red when Lower to the Body?

I am noticing when I put my hands down on the floor hands turn bright red and I experience burning sensation, but when I raise the hands above my head, the redness and burning disappears instantly.

What is this?

Blood flow. What’s you blood pressure running these days?

I cannot tolerate RBC anywhere near 6.0 (4.70 - 6.10), the iron supplements can increase RBC. I need to back off the iron supplements, if I went on TRT now and I would be in trouble.

As of right now I have no idea what my natural Total T numbers are, but RBC 6.0, HGB 16.6 and HCT 48.4%, I cannot tolerate these CBC results even on TRT which means my natural optimal T is lower than 500 ng/dL which I have suspected for some time. The reason I had so many problems on TRT was an iron and potassium deficiency and I was pushing supraphysiological doses for me anyway.

I remember when scored a 406, the last week for a day or so I had incredible erections and then they just disappeared as I got closer to 6 weeks, I’m willing to bet the reason and I already have confirmation, I was iron and potassium deficient as my levels became more stable and by then I was already depleted of iron and potassium.

Potassium induces relaxation in arteries, a drop in potassium levels results in vasoconstriction and goodby erections!