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Hands/Arms Feeling Tight


Hey all, I'm currently running 300mg/wk test cyp (just bumped from 200mg wk) 350mg wk of deca and 30-40mg/day of dbol

I just went to the 40mg of dbol this last week on my second week of it. I was running 30mg with 10mg 3x a day That made me feel tight and I could tense stuff up real good and stretching felt awesome! Pumps were great and workouts real good.

I went to taking 20mg first thing in the AM before I work out, and then 10mg at lunch and bedtime

The last couple days I've noticed my hands feel very tight, almost uncomfortably so. My arms still feel greeat especially on workout day after work out, but this tight hand thing is buggin me. Is it a symptom of something more important, or just part of the tightness associated with the pumps and growth brought on by the stack?

Anybody else ever experience that?

PS It's my first stack. Ive been on test at 200mg wk for about 6 weeks, and just added the deca and dbol about two weeks ago

any input appreciated



You have muscles in your hands. Theyre growing.

Stretching will help a bit. And massage


LOL, yeah that makes sense
I backed off the dbol a little and the hands are better, still tight in arms and other areas with real mild back cramps.
Much more tolerable


Water retention from test and dbol.

Use an AI, eat less carbs, drink more water.