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Handling The Truth: Cheating


My gf's friend's boyfriend is a prick.

They've been together rather recently and he already got busted dating on the side. But she believes his hilarious excuses.

So now he -allegedly- cut his dick while shaving. To be precise, his foreskin.
It's been -allegedly/allegeldly- inflamed for three weeks, he's aleady been to a doc.
No nookie.
No, she has not seen it.

I'm laughing like a hyena, and my girlfriend can't tell her straight what seems rather transparent to us. She can't even lie ("I've had an ex who did this to me..") because her friend would still get mad ("What are you implying, bitch?!").

This is not necessarily a plea for help, as some people just seem to be begging to be deceived.

Maybe I should collect these stories and present my niece a rather big book on her 13th birthday?
Do they actually learn in that regard? Is it possible?


Thats one hairy dick if he cut his foreskin.


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Well whatever it is I hope she hasn't already caught it.


she already knows the truth. she will stay with him anyways





At this moment you are calculating your chances in a fight against inflamed foreskin, aren't you?


....and here we go


Maybe he is joining Jewbacca's clan.


Can always count me in.



I'm confused.

How hairy do you have to be to have to shave there?

I would be more worried about her dating a Wookie.






Hairy enough that it would slow down your woman's desire to go down on you...I personally am not very hairy, but a bi-weekly shave of the Say Nut Sack and Wang leaves things baby soft...I leave the hair on the pubic bone as She Say and her girlfriend find it almost like a safety blanket...basically I have a bare shaved weiner and beans with Linus Van Pelts blanket providing shade.




Here's my groin as a teaser...


Wait...you want to see Sen's penis? This is all coming together for me.


Who doesn't? It's a thing of beauty..but...yet barbaric...kinda like a Grizzly Bear...yes...that there is my penis summed up in one word...Grizzly Bear...


I am glad I don't have that problem. You have to get close to me to even see chest hair.