Handling Overtraining

Christian - This is an unorthodox question, but I thought maybe you could help. I am anticipating playing for a university football team whose strength coach has a reputation of overtraining his athletes and from what I have heard of his programs they do not seem to be optimal or anywhere near it. Apparently, his programs are high volume especially his conditioning and lots of sprints up a slope.
As an athlete I do not consider myself to be relatively that genetically gifted, and consequentally I am wondering how I will respond to all this volume. As far as i know, the better the athlete you are the more likely you are to benefit from any program. Can you think of any strategies for coping with this type of stress? Thanks for any info.

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Well several methods are good to increase recovery. Proper nutrition is the obvious first choice. By using a double-dose (of ingesting two PW within a 2 hours period) of post-workout nutrition will help. Ice bath have been shown to help recover from gruely sessions. Massage can also reduce the risk of overtraining. Power Drive might facilitate CNS recovery. And getting in your 9-10 hours of sleep per night will be necessary.

Also consider that the better prepared you are comming in, the less negatrive impact the coach’s program will have on your body.