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Handles how many you got???

In light of current ummmmmmmm sillyness with respect to how many ids people have on the forum. I would like to state that I only use one id. However sewerhooker had a good point that he has different ids’ for different things. I believe this is okay. I think I would like it better if more people had only one id but I don’t think its a huge deal. Or maybe one id for each of the 3 boards?

I know the following seem to only have one id:

(Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Natt Dogg
Avoids roids=get a new handle this one is just dumb :slight_smile:
demo dick
Mufasa=one of the more intelligent posters
Joey Z
Mike the Libertarian…yeah I(not Mike but me) can’t spell and I’m proud of it.

That’s all I can remember for now.

So how many ids do you have? :slight_smile:

I have two. One for regular interaction and the other for when I want to be an ass.

I’m transitioning from Jason N. to using my full name, Jason Norcross. It’s primarily for personal reasons, but thought I’d let people know, if they have not figured it out yet.

ya only 1 handle tho sometimes for comedic value I was: the 1st Bhudist and the Athiest. I wanted to be a Amish but someone beat me to it hehe

I used to use Natey, but not anymore.

Hey man! You forgot about me. I only use one ID on this forum.

I used to post as Chris Shugart,Brock Strasser and Coach Davies.I’m not going with those weird names anymore.

I was formerly Teddy KGB…now I use Ritchie Rocket, which is an old soccer nickname. I’ve used others before, but not to slam someone-just different names for different topics.

I was going to change my moniker to my name but “Avoids Roids” seems to irritate nkeago so much, I think I will keep using it. :slight_smile:

i post under as many damn names as i please, and i’m still the same controversial person. those of you who get all uppity about it ought to think: why do you care? you’ll never see any of these people in your life, you have an invisible relationship to them? chilllllllllll!

I’d use NateDogg, but some other guy took it first. :slight_smile:

I got a pair, this being my traditinal one.
I posted recently with the other


Just the one for me.

Only one.

Yup, you got it nkeago, only one. Except one time I posted under Anon (anonymous), but I forget what the subject was. Nothing of great importance. I’ve seen other people use Anon as well, I assume for the same reasons.

I think in the early days i might have posted under my real name. But that was only once. Every other time i used Goldberg.

3 Regular nicks. I use this one for off-topic posts. One for quirky , “odd ball” questions and one for serious questions.

I have but one handle.

Only one.