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Point taken Brock. You certainly could prevent me from firing if you grab the cylinder. Remember, though, that if you’re close enough to touch me then I am close enough to touch you…with a Spyderco. LOL. I would have been one hell of a Boy Scout.

glock 27 really small shoots like a dream. Ditto on training.

Hey Bus Driver! Kick Arafat’s Sorry ass for me!!! Fuck those Palistinian bastards, Down with Hamas!!

I don’t own a gun but I hope to some day. Always been interested in guns. I actually got to handle a Desert eagle one time. Awesome weapon!

BTW you have my FULL support Bus Driver. Kick some terrorist ass for me dude! Stinkin cowards

I agree with Brock that it is important
to be able to shoot without sight acquisition and this must be practiced. I simply acknowledge reality that I am not particularly good at it, though I practice (not enough perhaps) whereas in my own
case, I can pick up tritium sights very fast. It does not have to be anything like genuinely dark for them to be a real advantage for me. With regular sights, I think
there’s a tendency for my focus, mental and optical, to become significantly diverted towards the sights if they’re regular sights, but the tritiums and especially AO stand out so blatantly that mental and optical focus can be entirely on the target – the sights are registered fine without effort. This is just another example of how individuals can differ.

Up really close, of course I wouldn’t use sights, and 10 feet away I’d at least see
the front sight (might not align the sights)
whereas say 20 feet away, in my case I’d better align the sights.

Speaking of the Desert Eagle, I’ve actually
been tempted to get one in 357 Mag with the 10" barrel. Not to carry, of course. Reason being that stopping power should be as good
as any handgun round, and maybe with the 10"
barrel the noise would not be quite so abusive
to the hearing as 40 S&W out of the Kahr is
(on one occasion I used earplugs instead of
muffs, and one earplug must not have been in quite right for just two rounds, and I had some hearing loss for days, so I know that
unprotected it would be quite bad.) And of
course, with the weight and the gas action,
recoil should be milder. Supposedly there’s
someone who can clean up the crappy trigger
of Desert Eagles, but I forget who.

I own 2 hand Guns a .454 Casull and a .357 Magnum w/laser site. The .454 Casull is a very powerful gun, very much fun to shoot. I also carry the .454 Casull in my truck.

Massaad Ayoob ? Then you have got yourself a serious trainer. I have a couple of his knives
never met him but I have heard some good things about him. Is he as good with a gun as he is with knives? A gun is great but there is nothing like the feel of Coldsteel in your hand unless its a warm ,silky smooth and firm ass.Take care

Colt 45 Combat Commander with tritium sights. It’s not fancy, but it’s damn comfortable in my hand, reliable, and I’ve had it so long I’d have a hard time with anything else. I agree with the choice of the Glocks also. They are the easiset to shoot-which with three kids, you can see why I don’t own one. If I were single I’d own 3! BTW, Isreali Arms used to (still do?) make a 9mm “baby eagle” that fit your hand like a glove and shot great. I don’t carry as often as I used to. I have had training (former military) and have never fired at a person, although I stopped a carjacking several years ago. For all those who disagree with owning guns remember this, a gun is just a tool. I never saw a gun get up and do anything on its own.

All of this just made me think of a nice little quote from Charlie Beckwith, the founder of Delta Force (I just read his book): “WE AIN’T MAKING NO GODDAMN CORNFLAKES HERE!” This from the man who always insisted on putting “two bullets right between the eyes” of each terrorist. Kinda’ funny. :slight_smile:

Bill, practicing shooting from the hip, do
1000 rounds or so and you’ll be a crack shot
at 7m for sure. This is how I mastered it.
First 200rds were bad, didn’t hit the black
much. But around 500 or so, I had decent
enough groups (5") and at over 1000 rounds,
at 7m, I can keep 3" circle no problem.

Also, practice cross drawing in case you get
“hit” in THAT arm.

Ayoob is the best, study with him, kill everyone!


Brock, excellent work… I can only hope to achieve the same with similar practice. It would be an excellent achievement.

Is there a website describing the process of buying/licensing a gun?

In many states it’s as simple as going
to a gun shop, paying the money, showing
them your driver’s license, waiting on
the instant background check, and waiting
on the idiotic 3-day “cooling off” period.

Or ordering over the phone or Internet,
and having the gun shipped to a gun shop
(you cannot have it shipped to yourself.)
Many gun shops will receive a gun for you
for a small fee.


Different in each state, check your states website

If you do decide on a glock G29, dont buy one with a serial number beginning with DZS***, they have problems