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I figure I'd start this to echo the Rifle lovers tread and keep them separate.

  1. Thoughts on the Caliber. Love the 45, think the Military should switch back.

  2. The gun. Love the clasix 1911, John Browning was a genius. Wilson makes a good version from what I'm told.
    The HK mk23 is a cool weapon, except when I played with it, it's a bit forward heavy with the silencner.


jeez...you can get a lot of enjoyment cheap from a 22 ruger, but man how i love the 1911 also. who doesn't ? the sw is a wicked nice version/awesome value. yeah kinda heavy but that's part of what makes shooting it so sweet. it's a cadillac thing; i'm really relaxed when i shoot a 1911. don't think i'd want to carry it though.

i don't carry, but if i did i'm pretty sweet on the glock 29. 10mm 10rounds 2 fingers. awesome point shooter, light and fast.

speaking of fast check out this cat's re-load!!:

here's my ultimate gunporn :
mmmm delicious! look at those sights !


Just be glad you don't live in Canada. Our current Prime Minister, if re-elected, is promising to ban all handguns.

Even collectors with registered guns will be forced to turn them over to the government.

The Prime Minister claims that handguns serve no purpose other than to kill people.

I suppose all the criminals will happily oblige with this new law as well.


They always do. That's why the most gun-restrictive areas always have the lowest crime rates, right? wink wink


Love handguns. Only one I own is a SigSauer P220 from the old W. Germany. .45 ACP. How can you not love that? It fits perfectly in my hands. Not so powerful to knock you over like some of the revolvers. Still shoots straight as an arrow after all these years....


Well, what other purpose to handguns serve? Are people hunting with them now?


People belong to shooting clubs and target practice for fun. People also collect them. Retard.


If it is Gun Porn you seek then look no further the the Glock 18...a little German hottie.

Click the word video to the left of the picture and behold.


I love the Glock line. Still have a 17 and a 19.

45's...love em. I have a Springfield and a Para Ordnance. Also a Smith and Wesson 4506. The smithy is my favorite 45 to shoot.

Got a bunch of .22's that I shoot. Favorite is the SW model 41. It's about 20 yrs. old but still a tack driver.


Oh, and I almost forgot, law abiding citizens own them for protection.


Colt .45 Gold Cup. I love it.


Yeah, I heard good things about Sigs, I believe that's what the seals used before they got the HKs.


Saw vid...

...Papa like!


Uh-huh. That's why the fucking things were invented: going to the range. Sure. Gun nut.


Try the basic HK USP 45 Cal. It looks pretty much the same, except it's less over built than the MK23, as a result easier to conceal and about $1,000 cheaper. I find it to be near perfect for concealed carry ... except when all I'm wearing is jeans and a t-shirt.


Actually people do hunt with them...research it. Furthermore, ever spent any time in the High Sierras or something comparable? I dont know about you, but when Im fly fishing in some remote mountain stream, I like to have some protection. A rifle or shotgun isnt always the most handy option...


Gun nut? Never been called that one before. Actually I don't even like guns. A more fitting term would be "individual liberty nut" or maybe "property rights nut".


hahaha! awesome. i know this guy -a russian ex-speedskater, totally solid fireplug... everything in his personality is geared toward purpose. for instance he thinks it's foolish for me to have "hobbies" like lifting and shooting. he'd say something like " theyr people who spend whole liyfe perfeK-ting these things. you-R not 1 of theym."

anyway one day i was at his house up in the sticks and he had a .357 sig p229 on the counter and i said " yo k. let me take it out back ..." and he just looked at me with bemused disgust, took a long drag from his cigarette and said flatly:

" thet theng is 4 keeling,
not fyor shoooting et pay-per."


I have a buddy whose father died when he was a kid. As a result, his role models when he growing up were action heros in comic books and movies.

He's a former Marine. He's has owned a piano moving company, been a PI, escorted missile buying Saudi generals around the country on behalf of a defense contractor, and is a sometimes bouncer. That sounds exactly like something he'd say. The fact of the matter is, though, "shooting et pay-per" is how he got good as he is with his 1911.


Wow, good story and great quote, that should on strong words. You should forward that to TC.


but there's a big difference between practicing shooting, and practicing killing.