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Hand/Wrist Pain

I have this small area of pain from the lower palm to I guess where the wrist starts. It seems to be right at or over the carpal ligament. I dont have any actual carpal tunnel symptoms besides the pain over this area.
It doesn’t constantly hurt, only when putting pressure on it.
I’ve been massaging the hell out of my forearms as well as stretching. The pain has lessened slightly.
It came on shortly after an upper body day with hammer strength chest pressing. Could I have irritated the ligament with my grip?
Anyone deal with any issues in this area?
(Enjoy my great highlighting of the painful area)

Continued massaging and stretching will irrate the ligaments. I know it’s a suggestion that commonly receives little love, but let it rest a bit so that it can heal, if there is something to heal. Then afterwards add mobility through stretching. If necessary strengthen the area (doesn’t seem applicable here), and then work on eradicating the faulty movement that caused the pain.

And sometimes pain is just pain. Lifting heavy shit takes a toll.

How long ago was this?

It started last Wednesday. I’ve had tight forearms and wrist issues starting around the time I was 16 after breaking my wrists, but I’ve never felt and issues in this particular spot.