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Hand Trouble


What's the best way to deal with ripped off calluses? I've used new skin, which didn't help at all, and I would think it rather rude and disrespectful to go bleeding all over the gym so I resorted to using weight gloves. Yet they don't have the same feeling, as opposed to lifting with your bare hands, which ultimately leads to weaker lifts for me.


ok sounds stupid... but preparation H

used it when I was in gymnatics for years healed me up in a day or two.

It repairs damaged skin apparently. I know someone who used it for their acne scars but thats a WHOLE 'nother issue.


Xen's idea is a good idea for healing them, but for immediate needs, super glue works well.

Can you use chalk? Magnesium carbonate works a lot better than gloves.



Well I do use chalk it's just that I f'ed them up pretty good this time, and I don't want to bleed all over everything. But I'll try the super glue. How many coats would I need to use?


i've used superglue-actually CRAAAZZZY-GLUE!!! for blisters and calluses when i still had the skin to patch the hole. works really well. make sure you smooth it out real good or it'll rip out even more skin than the first time. i've never used it to fill in raw meat though. let us know how it works ok steve-o ?