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Hand Tingles and Hurts

Brand new to the forum and need some help. I started a powerlifting program and have been on it for 7 weeks with great success but over the few weeks my hands and wrist have been hurting more and more with my right hand going numb if I leave it in a certain position to long. The last few night my right hand has been going numb with a tingling sensation while I sleep and it hurts enough to wake me, it only stops if I prop my arm and shoulder up on that side. Some history, I think it’s a genetic thing that I iriatated with heavy lifting and I think it’s coming from my shoulders because they are often tight and sore the next morning and it’s worse on one side. I did not hurt my self in the gym to make this happen. Thank you for any help and I hope I’m in the right place.

I’ve had a similar issue, though mine was after an injury to my shoulder in rugby. You may want to see if there’s someone around that does myofascial manipulation. You can also try some lacrosse ball work to get things back. There’s tons of articles on different techniques and hot spots to go after to get some relief. Check out some of John Rusin’s articles.

Thanks a lot pookie79. It hasn’t got any better from rest away from training but now I have a new way to approach it.

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