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Hand Tearing Questions

First and foremost is their any way to help prevent this, I’m talking about like skin being torn from your fingers and hands. I just recently got a CoC #1 and its fucking my fingers up good I remember this happening to my hands when I started Dl and was wondering if their are techniques to prevent this.

I would like to train my grip again but its really affecting me with this sensetive skin, could I use a glove? This brings to next question what are some ways for it to heal faster, or do i just let it heal normally and try using a glove for awhile?

I figure I will just have to let my virgin hands get used to this kind of punishment but just wondering if their are any techniques I could use thanks.

The grippers used to tear my hands up at first too. Use chalk and that should help a ton. Also, either file down or shave down your calluses. This will prevent them from tearing. You could also try moisturizer if you feel your hands are tearing because they are dried out.