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Hand Strength Movie

http://www.castledarkmoor.com/strongman/2years.WMV - 6.1 Megs

This guy has been seriously grip training for 2 years. This is what he can do. Damn…

Is this guy frome THE deisel crew?


Here’s some more info on the guy:


Wow. I would hate to grapple with that guy. Even on your arm, 250lbs of pressure would suck. Was that SCA stuff at the end?


[quote]Will42 wrote:
Is this guy from THE deisel crew?

No but like me he competed in their Global Grip Challenge in 2004 (he was 2nd and I was 4th)

Hey, yeah, that’s me.

The fighting at the end wasn’t SCA - I would have gotten kicked off the field and my imaginary persona would have been banned for slapping someone with a shield like that and then jumping on top of them :slight_smile: I fought for many years in a group my dad started called the Salinas Swordsman. Full contact, no “illegal” targets, no personas, kicking, grappling, etc. are all legal.

Looks like fun (the sword fighting at the end). Didn’t see a whole lot of technique going on, though - you ever consider taking a class at a live steel school? Not sure where you live, but I know of one in eastern PA.

Oh, and, um, your hands are pretty strong too. :slight_smile: