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Hand Stand Push Ups


Anyone do these on a regular basis? I weigh 106kg and these are fucken hard!


try doing them one handed, start by shifting the weight from one to the other. you can also do them with one hand on a medicine ball.

but yeah they are hard and good for you just don't eat first


i do them all the time. theyre great. im still using a wall though, i cant do them freestanding yet


I haven't tried these yet, I may do some decline pushups (feet up on bed, hands on floor) to work up to these.


First time I did them a partner held my legs and assisted somewhat.

Second time went like nothing.

They're just like regular pushups - do them often and you'll get good at them.


I agree. It has as much to do with familiarity as it does raw strength.


I do them against walls. I do gtg with them mainly. I'm liking the results in arm and shoulder mass


I have to have someone hold my feet to balance me to be able to do them.


All the time

I can do em freestanding or against the wall. My favorite is to handstand on top of two stacks of books to give yourself a full range of motion and make it a bunch harder.


I'm thinking I'll do these in my bodyweight circuit I do once a week. What rep range are you guys getting?


I do them in 10 x 3 fashion with at most 45 seconds rest, adding weight as the weeks go by.