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Hand Size in Terms of Strength


So I've been doing more looking into grip training and strongman type stuff. I just got both (beginner and advanced) sets of GNC's grippers. I pretty certain they're no CoCs, but I'm JUST starting and I couldn't beat the price ($40 for six grippers, 50-300lbs in 50lb increments). I don't have much trouble setting these, but to my understanding the CoC handles are bigger in diameter. I wonder if I'd have trouble setting those when I finally get them.
I have a few questions for the wiser.

1) How big are your hands? Mine are just under 8 inches from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger. Palm is about 4 inches across. Ring size is 8.

2) How much has hand size helped you/held you back in grip strength and strongman?

3) I know there isn't much one can do to make your hands longer or wider, but will they get thicker as hand/grip strength increases? Fingers get any bigger too?

Also, address anything you feel is relevant. Don't limit your answer to just my questions. Maybe we can get a good discussion going.


Your hands aren't much smaller than mine, save for ring size, as i wear a 13. Unless your hands are just disproportionately small, I don't see why it would become an issue as long as they're strong.


Hand size in grip and strength sports is like height in basketball. Yes it helps, and the elite will be taller than average, but it's not the be all and end all.

And yes, I believe the pads of my hands have gotten thicker as my grip strength has improved


Thanks for the input guys. I have been looking around the grip board and I guess good chalk (as in not pool chalk, lol) is hard to find. I haven't used it much in the past but plan to. What about the rosin bags you find in the baseball section in stores? Would that be a decent source or have people tried it and not had much luck with it?


I tend to order my chalk from either Ironmind or Elitefts.


I use a little rosin bag in my shop, it helps a bit and was only like $3. Better than nothing, but not great.


Its the same as rock climbing or gymnastics chalk. Any Eastern Mountain Sports outlets near you?


I have small hands, it is a challenge on grip events but does not mean that you cannot compete.

Gym chalk is available at Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods.


Idk about Eastern Mountain Sports. I've never seen it, but I've never looked for it either. There IS a Dick's around here though. I included some chalk in my order from elitefts, but it's backordered until the 14th I think.

One another grip note, I got my fatgripz in the mail today. Pretty stoked to try them out tomorrow.


The thing about EliteFTS is that their shipping is expensive, and for something like gym chalk you are going to spend more on shipping than the actual cost of the item. I believe that they are around $2/block at Dick's and one block will usually last at least six months (if not longer).