Hand Shakes Bad & Feeling of Weakness and Out of Control

Type 2b…as u guys know…my question asking for serious help is …every time.i get in situations where im forced to fight or argue my hand shakes bad and my body feels like I can’t control it…today I knew truth about something I never thought would happen and my body is like shaking for 3 hours now and can’t breathe right !help…

This is very normal. It sounds like a rush of adrenaline. Hormones, emotions, all that stuff…it’s perfectly fine to have strong reactions to intense situations. If it worries you, see a doctor.

This sounds like an anxiety/panic attack. Seek help from a doctor and/or therapist. This is still very normal to experience, but perhaps counseling and/or medication would help you work through whatever’s going on in your life right now.

Best of luck.

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Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. It only takes the brain a few milliseconds to make the best decision on what to do.

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Breathing is definitely I very good one. If you know who Jocko Willink is you might know his phrase ‘Detach’. Meaning, take a step back. Literally, take a step back, and observe the situation as an outsider. Calm down and try to see it all from birds eye view other than first person, it’ll be a lot clearer.

Also, while in a spontaneous fight situation this one won’t be good, in something like a 3 hour shake episode like you described, some magnesium and/or taurine could maybe do you some favours.

On the long term, learn to detach, and try different ways to emotionally familiarise yourself with confrontation to expand you comfort zone in this aspect. This will reduce your emotional response to these situations and it will take you longer to get such an intense adrenaline rush, therfore allow you to deal with them easier and more rationally.