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Hand Pulling Out of Wrist

Being my first post here I would like to give a little background of myself. I apologize for the wall of text ahead of time.

I am a 23 yr old M, 6’4 155~ lbs. I had never exercised a day in my life, aside from sports in the early years of school, until 5 weeks ago I started a program M/W/F a friend made for me. I have started to eat quite a bit healthier than I had been (fast food 4-5 times a week), just started tracking my meals today to get an idea of how I am doing, used a few articles to get an idea how the calories I need (3200-3400ish) I have put on roughly 5-7lbs since starting. But anyway, to the main point of this post:

Recently I was doing a set of DB side bends with 60/hand & noticed my left(weaker side) hand started to feel like it was pulling out of my wrist & I got nervous and went to rack the DB and felt my hand pop out. It wasn’t painful, just a very weird sensation. Also noticed this happening while doing sitting rows on the machine. Is this a result due to trying to use too much weight? Weak wrists? Improper lifting? I appreciate any replies, I did some quick searching & found a post that asked a similar question but did not get answered.

TLDR: Begun working out 5 weeks ago, hand pulled of wrist, worried as to why.

First of all your thread title sounds absolutely terrifying. “Hand pulling out of wrist”; Jesus Christ man. Go to a doctor or chiro or someone who would know what they were talking about and ask them about it at least.

I would say you need to strengthen your grip and wrist obviously. Don’t let your hands flop back on bench, keep them in line with your arm so that your wrist stays straight. Grip really hard on everything you do and keep your wrists straight on all lifts so that they don’t bend backwards a bunch. That’s just what seems logical to me, but I would ask a professional if I was you.

Yes, it was just about as terrfying as it sounds. Went and tested it out last night & didn’t seem to have any issues after side bends/rows/lat pull downs/pull ups. Will definitely work on making sure I work on my hand/wrist control. I appreciate the answer.

Sounds like classic ligament laxity. Your ligaments in your wrist are looser than other people’s, and so they can’t stabilize the bones in your hand/wrist very well. This could be something you were born with, or a result of lifting improperly or too heavily for a while.

The more your pop and sublux your ligaments/bones, the looser the ligaments will become. So at this point your goal should be to minimize that. I would go light with that hand for a couple weeks, and start wrapping it whenever you lift with that hand.
There are physical therapy exercises you can do which, theoretically, through the development of stabilization muscles in the wrist/hand, can reduce the instability you have.

That’s your least invasive option. The next option is prolotherapy or PRP injections, which are shown to tighten, thicken, and strengthen ligaments. I’m currently getting that on my wrists.

There’s probably also some surgery option, but I would DEFINITELY not recommend it.

If I were you, I’d start going very light with that hand (wrapped up), do some light wrist physiotherapy exercises, and get prolotherapy.

Even though it’s not painful now, you should address it ASAP. It won’t get better as you age, and lax ligaments are prone to a real, painful injury. Also, since they can’t stabilize joints as well, cartilage starts grinding. Not good.

Oh yea I can’t believe I forgot to mention wrist wraps! Don’t be afraid to get some heavy duty ones in your case either. Get some good quality wraps (not straps) from some place like Inzer or prowristwraps or titan or elitefts.

I appreciate the replies, I’ll look into getting some wraps & going a bit easy on it for a while.

You have “hand pulling out of wrist” disease. Go to a doctor, but don’t get the surgery.

[quote]i_am_ketosis wrote:
You have “hand pulling out of wrist” disease. Go to a doctor, but don’t get the surgery.[/quote]

Sounds serious, I better go get that checked out so I don’t spread it to anyone if it’s contagious.