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Hand Problems on Squats


Anyone else have a hard time getting their hands on the bar when squatting? I tend to usually grab out on the ends where the weights go. Was trying today to get my hands in instead, but it was killing my wrists. Anyone else have this problem? Any tips to resolve this issue?


When you grab wide your wrists are probably in a straight line with your forearms. There's no load on them. But when you bring them in, any lack of flexibility in pecs and delts makes it harder to keep wrists straight. That means the weight of the bar is now resting on your hands (instead of your shoulders where it belongs), putting a lot of pressure on your bent wrists.

Try stretching your pecs before you squat. Also, gradually move your hands in over a few workouts, easing you into the narrower grip. And always, always focus on keeping your wrist joints straight and palms resting on top of the bar.

Flexibility should come pretty quickly.


Thanks for the info. I'll try to gradually move my hands in.


I did when i started squatting(limited shoulder mobility) i could not get my hands in enough to keep the back tightness. I started using sort of a false grip, with my palms on the bar, it let my shoulders up just enough to get solid. This allowed my wrists to be straight and it got support from the rest of the arm when you give a good squeeze(Blades back, pushing the bar almost into your back).

I tried going back to a thumbs around grip some time ago, ended up having the bar pulling back on the fingers and extending the wrist, reminded me why i used false grip for so long.
I experimented with different grips while working on mobility and i found this to be best. I hope i'm actually answering your question, if i'm misreading the question let me know, my english can be sketchy from time to time.


I can move my hands in closer when I use a false grip. I've only started experimenting with it recently.


There's a thread about this same shit literally right on the first page.


Well OK then. Thanks a lot for that insight.


X2..... very insightful!




Go fuck yourselves.

Anyway, my mistake. There actually were TWO other threads already actively discussing these issues on the front page, not one.

Here are my posts addressing shoulder flexibility, grip width and wrist position from those two threads.


UrbanSavage has spoken, so I guess we can just end the thread. Everybody gives a shit what that guys says.


hey this really doesnt have anything to do with this thread, but the hand pain thing made me think and i dont really wanna make a whole thread just for this. so i was doing reverse grip bench the other day and i got a bruise on the palm of my hand. its right below where you get callouses a lot, in between my pinky and the finger next to it. its not a VISIBLE bruise, and normally it wouldnt bother me and i would either train through it or wait on it to heal before i did heavy sets, but i have a meet coming up in about 6 weeks so i need all the training time i can get. some additional background, i have hemophilia, i think thats why the bruise wont go away, and im doing a westside style template, so you can see why im a little hesitant about skipping the heavy sets. any advice?


I don't know if it work or not, but I would try wrapping that up along with your wrist.


wrap my hand and wrist up? you think thatll help?


I know one way to find out.


safety squat bar and cambered bar.


I appreciate the info. I'm gonna try some different grips. Thanks.


No problem. Glad to help.