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Hand Positionin While Doing Leg Press!!!


So,i just came back from my work out,and i had legs today.
While i was on the leg press i pulled 638 x 15 reps.I was very pleased BUT THAN the instructor of the gym came and said,ur holding your hands wrong and what you just did was worthless.
I usually cross my hands on my chest WITHOUT TOUCHING THE LEGS!!!
Any ideas if it effects the work out?


surely the handles on the machine would give you an idea where to put your hands...

i don't see what difference it would make anyway though, i guess the main reason for putting your hands there would be for quick access to the racking safety mechanism


Did you achieve proper depth (knees to chest)? If so, hand positioning doesn't matter.

I personally prefer using the handles, especially during heavy sets. I know Mentzer said some stuff about the closed-hydraulic nature of the circulatory system making tight gripping during leg machine exercises dangerous, but so far I haven't had an aneurysm...


yes full depth and i couldent even get up,that means i did it right.
The guy is just a hater than :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as you aren't pushing your legs with your arms, then it doesn't matter and he's just saying bullshit.

95% of gym instructors are worthless. 1% of good trainers are in gyms and 4% are in sports.


Thats probably the most accurate made-up statistic ive ever heard.


Made up?? That's science, homie