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Hand Pain with Wide Upright Row

Hello, i try this exercice, and i have some pain in the hand, it is a good exercices for the shoulder ? are u ok with the execution of this exercice ? if u have some advice, maybe i have a bad execution or it is a exercice good for take bad injury idk

Prob too narrow a grip and pulling too high causing wrist/hand to pull at angle.

Try the form in this vid. Starting at 7min 40secs in. Very wide grip.


thx ! i will try if i got still pain in the hands

No not really. Military press and one isolation/side lateral move are all you need at this stage. as he says below do something else…


They are overrated as a direct shoulder exercise… the risk to reward ratio is bad. In most cases they end up in allot of guys they become more of a upper back and trap exercise.


I agree. They seem to place several muscles in less than advantageous positions and inflict a lot of unnecessary strain for the little potential benefit. Much better off with rear/side/front laterals and landmine press if you can’t do overhead.


i will not do this exerice, he look pretty shit, i just try and now i know ^^"