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Hand Numbness from Clomid

I’m currently on a HCG/Chlomid/Arimidex tx protocol.
Im experiencing is numbness of my hands, as a side effect to Clomid. I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or heard of this side effect. I couldn’t find any information on the forums about it.

March-April Protocol: HCG 400 iu x 2/week, Chlomid 25mg x 3/week, Arimidex .5mg x 3/week. I had good results from this setup. However significant numbness and tingling in my hands.

May: dropped Chlomid and numbness went away within a week.

July: reintroduced Chlomid 25mg x 3/week. Started experiencing numbness hands within a week.

What gives?

My question is what you want to accomplish with that protocol? Why would you take hCG and Clomifene simultaneously?
Something seems off here and it isn’t the numbness in the hands.

To answer your question, in my opinion this is a good example of re-exposing yourself to a substance to prove your suspicion that the side effect stems from the drug. That’s solid ground for a causality. If it isn’t tolerable for you, drop the Clomid and substitute it with another SERM like Tamoxifene.

Edit: I don’t mean you substitute it and continue this nonsense.

The good thing is that combo should have you feeling like shit in no time and you’ll be reminiscing about the days where numb hands were your only problems.


Clomid which will probably be overridden by the HCG and 1,5mg Adex per week!?

How did you arrive at this protocol? I’d love to see what your bloods look like on this. I agree with @dextermorgan, numb hands are going to be the least of your problems soon enough.

Diagnosed Hypogonadism (secondary). Treatment plan was prescribed by my doc. Labs and corrected meds below. I’m curious what the negativity towards this treatment is. I felt pretty good, except for the hands.

Labs 2/2020 pre treatment

LH 2.1 (1.5 - 9.3) mIU/ml
E2 25 (0-39.9) of/ml
Total T 470 (280-1100) ng/dl
SHGB 31 (14-95) nmol/L

Labs 3/2020 (HCG 400 iu x 2/week, Chlomid 25mg x 2/week, Arimidex .5mg x 3/week

E2 37.3 (0-39.9) of/ml
Total T 760 (280-1100) ng/dl
SHGB 33 (14-95) nmol/L

Labs 5/2020 (HCG 400 iu x 2/week, Chlomid 25mg x 3/week, Arimidex .5mg x 3/week)

E2 38.6 (0-39.9) of/ml
Total T 851 (280-1100) ng/dl
SHGB 31 (14-95) nmol/L

The problem is that the hCG and the Clomid work against each other. I’d like to see LH from 05/2020, should be close to 0.
The AI seems to be a good dose for you.
There’s no point in using hCG AND Clomid. So you can just skip the Clomid if you got side effects from it.

As @lordgains said, Clomid and HCG at the same time is kind of pointless. Also, you are taking three things - two of them known for negative side effects - to accomplish less than taking just testosterone by itself. Your doc’s way is more complicated, way more expensive, and more prone to negative side effects (Including permanent vision damage in some people).

Get a new doc dude… If you want a legit TRT prescription for $150/month including 220mg/week of compound pharmacy grade Testosterone shipped to your door I can put you in touch with my doc. Email in bio. Whether you do don’t do your current protocol.

I’m considering changing docs. Not super interested in testosterone replacement at this point, as I’m content keeping my boys working for now. I may just convert over to HCG mono or completely discontinue all together.

Sounds like the hand numbness will remain a mystery. But clearly clomid is not for me

You can always discontinue test or just drop your dose and up hcg if you want to get pregnant. I am fertile on t only. So its not a guarantee you will be sterile.