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Hand Model Thinks Her S**t Doesn't Stink


She probably gives good hand jobs


Holy shit


There's no way I could resist fucking with her if I saw her at a party. Like chasing her around with a hot iron or a cup of battery acid. Or continually ask her to give me a hand in the kitchen. Or ask her if she would mind bringing a cup of coffee to someone or carve the meat or pull something out of the stove for me before it burns or ask her to plug some electric appliance in or give my dog a treat or bring some firewood in from outside or stir the fire or hammer something back into place or.......well, you get the point.


You joking? This wench won't even open a window or cook a fucking meal by herself. She would claim your wang is too rough or will cause her cramps.

This hoe is useless and I feel sorry for her husband.


She talks about them as if it is anything she did. She was born with those hands. That's it. Dumb chance giving a payload of dumb luck to a dumb person.


Not sure if you're actually curious but I have a good guess she would use something like this:

I have a disabled friend who doesn't have hands and arms that end at his elbow. He uses this product.


^ Also lol how the fat guy says being big has its advantages in the video


Does anyone know when Miley Cyrus turns 18?


I wonder if a handjob with a facial is off limits.



That's I could think about watching the hand model.


what a douche


shes a hand model because they are far away from her face.


Come on man, that was a couple weeks ago. There's already (alleged) topless pictures out there.


WHAAAAAAT? Where the fuck have I been?


That is the biggest Texas Tech fan in history.


LOL, what a bunch of fucking haters.

Who fucking cares if she makes a living off her hands? SHE MAKES A GODDAMN LIVING OFF OF HER HANDS.

I know if any of you fag had an opportunity to do something comparable instead of some white-collar bullshit cubicle job you would.

The complete dumbassery and "group think" on this site sometimes is amay-zing.


Don't be a tool. The LOLs were not at her career choice but her ridiculous personality. Speaking of dumbassery!


Burn sir. You have been burned.


This is news to us, as in the way she acts etc. Think of something so retarded its proably be done or is being done.

After what John has showed us nothing surprises me these days.


NO, I would not feel satisfied doing that job. I would have to give up all the things I love (weightlifting, cooking, kayaking, fishing, dog-owning, not walking around like a wierdo with gloves on my hands almost 24/7, those kinda things).