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Hand Model Thinks Her S**t Doesn't Stink






Awesome story.


..... post no longer needed ......


sorry forgot this forum just needs the url, spreading the word, this bitch is amazing


There's a reason south park had an episode where they measured shit in "courics".


who wipes her ass?



What a fucking cunt.

She compares herself to an olympic athlete? REALLY?!??!


...is it just me, or her hands abnormally large?


Did I miss it??? So whats her going rate for a HJ?


And he acts like she's michael jordan
well millions of guys try basketball
how many people try hand modeling? who's to say your girlfriend, sister, or wife, with the right
training lol, couldn't hand model


LOL at "the skin is flawless". Listening to her makes me want to kick puppies.

I do see why she would protect her hands but holy shit, she doesn't even open windows. She probably has them insured for a shit load as well...which makes sense....but HEART SURGEONS don't act like this and they have important hands as well....way more important to society than modeling.


lol good point about surgeons.

She sounds like she'd be a blast at parties :stuck_out_tongue:


I am actually most annoyed but her retarded slow hand motions.


I am actually most annoyed but her retarded slow hand motions.


Her fingers appear to be on the longer side, but it could just be the distractingly creepy was she waves them around. I fail to see anything even remotely remarkable about her mitts.

I've seen better.



I can see her future.

"It started with that paper cut. Then my thumb, index and middle fingers went into depression. That's when they started gorging on donuts...."