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Hand Jerking Open During Back Squat


Only on back squats, when I go heavier (for me)315.
my right hand opens up.
not so cool.

This is one of the reasons i moved to mostly front squats.

Maybe people have some theories


Sounds like some sort of nerve problem. Are you squatting low bar or high bar?



Last night I did low bar...
seemed to help as did playing with the hand spacing
and where my elbows fall.

I agree first it goes numb then opens..
I have some neck/health/mobility issues.

It used to happen allot, switched to Front squats



No kung-fu grip? Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Definitely sounds like the bar is landing on a nerve or pressure point of some kind on your back... Opening up like a clothespin? Doesn't happen to me but I try to stretch out my shoulders & wrists consistently before squatting (I find it helps a lot with getting into a good stance)I alternate front/back squats myself.

Maybe see a RMT or Kin. to get that looked at - does it happen only on heavy max lifts or all back squats? The other question is - do you feel you NEED to do back squats if you do decent front squat poundages?

Keep fiddling with the bar placement & hand spacing until you get to the root cause. As long as you don't get too injured/nerve damage... Good luck!



Good Points all

Actualy my grip is pretty solid but who doesnt need kung fu grip!

I have some semi serious neck issues, so it is something to look into.
I probably don't need to do back squats I don't get to often so I was excited But your right why push it.
Last night I got a double of 275 weighing about 175
so I guess I do Ok not great ok.

It is mostly with heavier loads.


That def, sounds like pressure on a nerve or set of nerves since the arm goes numb, the hand flexors relax and the hand extensors get stimulated.

Have access to a Safety Squat Bar?


I think you should stick with Front Squats. It's kind of scary what the Back Squats are doing to your nervous system. Sure, fiddling with hand placement and bar position may help but do you really want to mess with such a condition?

There's lots you can do for legs besides Front Squats, too. Try switching off between FS and Squat Sled.



I was just suprised that it happened and
its something to be avoided not work around.


My regular gym
Is a YMCA..
new, but not a ton of gear..
minimal at best.

I have not done squats in a year or more
it was just a chance to see what is going on and I was surprised..

thanks people


chuckle hand jerking....



is hand spasm better?


Any more luck with your hand jerking problem? If so, I have something for you to try. I know you said it is not a grip issue, but I think a new grip may solve your problem. I’m assuming you use an overhand conventional grip on the bar. Try an overhand grip, but with your thumb over the bar. It may seem awkward at first, but concentrate on keeping your entire forearm perpindicular to the floor. It works for me, so give it a shot.


[quote]elano wrote:
chuckle hand jerking…[/quote]

yah, I thought this was about jerking off while squatting…