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Hand Injury. Workout Help


I hurt my right hand 3 weeks ago.(feels like it's around the carpal bones) I started lifting last week but avoided any pushing movements because of the pain when my wrist curls back. Can't even do a push up on my hands or knuckles. I do 5/3/1 with deadlifts,squats,pullups & bench. Obviously I eliminated all pressing because of my hand.

My next fight is about 5weeks away. my question is. I still plan on doing sparring, heavy pad & bagwork, some shadow boxing with elastics so I don't lose to much pressing strength. But if I still do heavy lifting for lats(heavy rows,weighted chins & pullups) will I create a muscle imbalance in my shoulders since I'm not doing any heavy pressing? I only plan on doing 3weeks worth of lifting. 2weeks off before my fight.


Doubtful. Most people could use some extra back work.


[quote]Steve-O-68 wrote:
Doubtful. Most people could use some extra back work. [/quote]

Yea really.

OP, I wouldn’t even worry about it. Just make sure that hand is healed.


wrist wraps- not straps might help, with lending some support…

train as best you can , and rest up the hand…
I busted a few metacarpals in college- halfway thru wrestling season
and did most stuff-
wore as minimal a wrap as I could.



have you had your hand checked out? hoepfully it’s nothing, but i know a guy who’s rebroke his hand over and over, and finally had to take about 9 months off fighting to let it heal right.