Hand grippers in the UK

This is mainly for people that live in the UK and Ireland but I guess that other europeans will find it useful due to favourable import taxes.

No doubt you will have seen various articles such as CT’s Chinning Programme promote the importance of a good grip in training and especially if you play sports also.

Well good news is that you don’t have to wory aout getting COC imported from America as I’ve just got some HARDCORE grippers from www.handgrippers.co.uk and they are every bit as good as the COC if not better and a damn site cheaper than getting them imported.

Go check out the site and watch your grip get better quicker.


you can also get the COC and a load of other grip stuff in the UK from pullum sports. they are based in luton but they do deliver. thats where i get most of my lifting gear from.

I know but these are cheaper and in my view better than the COC I have used. Still a good website though.


Checked the grippers. Look good.

Looking at the i.p’s compared with the COC and they compliment each other perfectly.

I already own a COC No.1 and trainer which are 140 and 100lbs respectively so the addition of a 130, 160 and 180 would be perfect. And then I could go for a No.2 COC 195lb. Perfect. (Yes I have the grip strength of a small girl).

Robert Baraban grippers are awesome. Definitely good grippers. They have grippers in narrow handles as well for smaller hand folks, but only start at 240 IP which is between a 2 and 3 when comparing to CoC grippers. You can actually email Robert himself, and get a 160, 180IP, or whatever IP strength level gripper with narrow handles.

Creed, IP is not the same as LB.


So how do the baraban grippers in IP relate to the COC in lbs?


True Gripper Force and Torques


Thanks for the link, very informative but now I have to go lie down until my head stops hurting.