Hand Gripper Training

Has anyone here ever added hand gripper training to their routine? I don’t mean those grippers that you could do 100 reps on, I mean the proper ones that are out there. Would a couple of sets in the evening watching television be a benefit, or would they just mess with your recovery?

I’ve used them before…The Captain’s of Crush are good quality, and they do work.

My favorite grip item, is the Grip4orce. I usually just use them for curls, and they are my favorite way to train my grip. If you decide to buy them, be aware that there are counterfeit ones that aren’t as good. So buy from a good retailer.

Thanks for your reply.

I bought a few of the heavy grips ones. I just need to figure out the best way of incorporating them into my training now. I have been just doing a few sets of 10 sitting down watching television so far.

try the gripboard…