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Hand/Callous Management Post Tear?

Looking for some advice on hand management post tear so I can get back to lifting as fast and safe from future tears as possible.

So last week I pulled 595 for a dub with hook grip and a small chunk of skin tore open just above my callous (like towards the wrist) of my middle finger and not the callous itself. First time tearing anything on the hand bit of a strange spot

It’s healed fast and I’ve clipped off as much dead skin flap as I can. The thing is that there’s now a fairly prominent ridge left (maybe 1mm higher than surrounding skin and about as thick as my callous is). So if I pull I think this is going to catch and tear the whole callous/thickened skin area below it off.

Got some solid advice from @chris_ottawa for general maintenance using a safety razor to “shave” callouses down but dunno if it can still be applied in this case. Will take further general maintenance tips if there is any.

So anyways question is how should I approach this? Wait for it to come off naturally (maybe a long time), pull anyways and rip it smooth or grind/cut down?

Nail clippers, the kind that are straight across not curved blades, will take most of that off quick. Then a nail file or sand paper (160 grit should be rough enough, 220 might be safer).

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Cut it off. Cuticle clippers are my favorite tool for this.

@hardartery @ChickenLittle there’s no skin flap left to cut so do I try to dig under it now? I dunno where the skin to be cut starts and ends all kinds melds together

Don’t dig. Just clip the top layer in little bites. It’s leave little parallel ridges that you sand or file off. A Razor blde works too, but that’s a little trickier and more dangerous.

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So like clips/cuts like dis direction + gradual grinding away

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@hardartery nailed it. Just clip little pieces off. You will know when you start getting too close to the “live” skin.

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U reckon it’ll be bad if I load up 600 odd again and tear the rest off lol

Well it won’t feel good, but you’ll live. If in doubt just sand it off. You could use straps to prevent said injury until it is healed completely.

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I use my wife’s pumice stone and it works really well for callous management, both when I rip one off and to help prevent them from building up to the point of ripping

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It’s pretty thicc like I said but can’t hurt I guess

I just ripped it off with my fingers lol. Probably not the smartest thing to do. Don’t sweat over it, I just used straps for a week and that was it. All healed up

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Fair enough if u don’t have some nail clippers lol. When it stopped bleeding it was alright. It’s healed underneath I think at least so can’t be that bad.

Should be able to find a foot callous file tool in the hair and nail section of walmart, or any other major grocery store. They work well for smoothing out ridges like this. Also, as a few others have said, if you are patient and clip/shave a small amount off at a time, you should be able to feel when you’re nearing the live skin/nerves without it being painful or bloody, so just stop around there.

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Thnx Dr Deadlift… wait wouldn’t wanna impinge one someone famous’ nickname. Thnx Mr Deadlift nope that’s taken. Well thanks anyways

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What I would do is use straps for now, clip the extra skin with nail clippers, and once the skin in the area thickens up after a week or two then shave it down with a safety razor so that it’s all even and it won’t catch so easily when you pull.

What you have there is nothing major, just don’t make it worse.


Bro you got it all wrong again, it’s squat, not deadlift, and you may address me as “professor squat” or “sir squattington”, but you absolutely must not call me “Dr. Squat”. That name is forbidden by the powerlifting gods for anyone other than Fed Hatfield.


Spit and pull


Bit anti climatic today but another chunk peeled off with no issues while I was doing deadlift with straps. So things are looking good whether is be cut or grinder off or peel on it own from training. Kinda a false alarm I guess but thnx for the input everyone.