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Hand and Grip Strength

hey guys, i’m a defensive lineman for a CIS football team (Canadian university) just finished up the season and one of the things i need to work on is my hand strength…i found that when i was trying to grab onto offensive lineman i would lose my grip and my fingers would start to hurt from grabbing on so much…so back to the question…what can i do to improve finger/hand/grip strength?

Cant believe I am checking Tnation at 230 in the morning, but check out the CoC hand grippers, or just buy some rice in bulk, put it in a bucket and move your hands around, grabbing and what not until you cant tolerate it anymore. Im sure someone will have other suggestions

Heavy Grippers.


Or you could always woop the ol mule.

towel chin-ups will build a crazy grip.

There’s so many exercises though:
farmer’s walks, blah, etc.

Go to ironmind.com or search on here.

If you use straps for deadlifting etc stop.
I do static dumbell holds and time myself to build grip. If you want to be able to hold on to guys then you could try pinching plates between different fingers, this will make you cling on easier

Check out ironmind.com they have everything imanginable for hand strength.
I would probably pick up a pair of eagle loops and pick up a copy of Mastery of hand strength.
Sand bag training is killer on the grip try cleans or clean and presses with 150 lb bag either in a tightly packed bag or a bit looser

Google John Wood and sign up for his “Functional Hand Strength Newsletter”. I think I got onto it at Dan Johns’ suggestion on the ofrum here. It’s good stuff.