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Hamstrings Too Strong?


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for having your own forum now, and thanks in advance for your time! :slightly_smiling:

Today I started a new training program based on the training principles Thibs out-lined in his last few articles.

But I am unsure about my exercise selection since I am doing a lot more for my hamstrings than for my quads.
In literature, it is often recommended to have a quad-hamstring strength balance of 2:1 but closer to 1:1

Is it a genuine strenth imbalance that might cause injuries if the hamstrings get/are significantly stronger than the quads?

Thank you!!


personally I have seen no instance of hamstrings being too strong causing injuries or problems. On the other hand, I have seen cases of quads too strong compared to hamstrings being a problem. I would suggest that if you are doing a program designed by CT that you are probably gonna be ok. Other than this, I would have to have a lot more personal info specific info on you and the program....
Lots more info before I would make recomendationss for or against a program by CT.