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Hamstrings and Squats

After working my hamstrings, I tend to be sore for about six days. Since these muscles are important for the concentric portion of the squat, will I be overtraining if my hamstrings are still sore on quad day?

You definately could overtrain them. Your hamstrings are obviously highly Fast Twitch in fiber make up. Therefore they take a little longer to recover. When I use high volume my quads recover beofre my hammies. I just wait until my hamstrings are ready, and my quads don’t seem to suffer in either size or strength.

You are apparently using the correct loading and time under tension parameters if your shit is staying sore or 6 days. Good job. Yes the soreness will affedt your ability to squat. Hams are used alot in the bottom to mid of a squat. Many sprinters and powerlifters have a ham/quad ratio of 2/1. Hams are twice as strong as quads. Post your routine, I’d like to try it if you are sore for 6 days. PS try some stretching. Read the T-mag articles on stretching. Good stuff.

Kevin, on hip dominant leg days I do two sets of heavy deads 6-8 reps, 1 set high rep deads or powercleans (alternating each week), 1 set goodmornings, 1 set stiff-legged deads, 1 set russian deadlift. For the last three exercises I use heavy weights, but still go as far down as possible to stretch my hams.