Hamstring Workout Ideas

Hello there…

Due to budget constraints, I’ve decided to join Planet Fitness ($10 a month)…If I could, I would join Gold’s or other bigger gyms…

Anyway, I’m in a limbo here since this gym doesnt have much for hamstring development.

All this gym has is a seated leg curls machine (opposite of leg extension machine)…

There is NO squat rack…just smith machines…

Off the top of my head, I have the following for hamstring development:

  1. Seated Leg Curls
  2. Stiff Dead Lifts
  3. Single Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

Thats pretty much it…

Any additional input would be GREAT!!!

Front squat
supine hip lift (1-leg butt extension)
band leg curls
reverse lunges
REV hyper
single leg squat knee touch
good morning
1-leg good morning

If your place has Lat-Pulldown stations (I’m sure there are like 8 of them), those are good places to do Glute Ham Raises, I’ve found. You can use the pad that you usually use to hold down your thighs while doing Pulldowns to secure your feet instead, knees go on the seat and away you go.