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Hamstring - Weird Feeling

I do two sets of squats every other day. Now I do sets of five. I use pretty tight SBD knee sleeves. After my two sets the other day, I went down on my knees and did a mobility exercise with the tight knee sleeves on! I was sitting like that for a minute or so. Then, when I raised up, I felt a weird sensation in the hamstring muscle, near the knee. I couldn’t really walk normally for a minute or so. I stretched the hamstring a little bit. I have felt some even a few days after but I have actually done two squat sets and it went all right. I have massaged the area a bit. I have two questions:

  1. What happened? Someone who can speculate? The sensation came about when my knee was in a bent position statically for a minute with a tight knee sleeve on.

  2. What should I do to reduce the risk of anything getting WORSE because of this?

Thank you very much!

innuendo lel

Srsly tho funky stuff happening with comp fit knee sleeves isn’t really uncommon. For some ,e.g. Joey Flexx, the comp knee sleeves cause pain/aggravate existing conditions but it’s k because it’s only worn for one day.

That’s not really helpful mane.

Given “my thigh feels weird” and a limited history even the world’s greatest diagnostician is not going to be able to narrow shit down without further questioning/examination.

  • Pls clarify the exact sustained posture/position that you believe caused this e.g. pictures or a decent description will do.

  • Pls attempt to describe your symptoms properly: Pain, Tenderness, Swelling, Redness/Discoloration, Warmth, Bruising, Deformity, Ache, Stretch, Tension, Stiffness, Loss of ROM of the Knee, Compression, Giving of Way, Locking, Instability, Weakness, Numbness, Tingling, Loss of Sensation, Clicking/Popping, Crunching etc.

Usually a good sign if something is spontaneously getting better or trending toward better on its own. Will in all likelihood regress to the mean and be fine.

If you can squat without aggravating your symptoms go ahead. Avoid repeating mechanisms that prompted onset of your symptoms again e.g. roll/fold down your knee sleeves next time.