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Hamstring Tightness

Hey all,

I’m sure that with the number of people here someone must have experienced this before… Occasionally I will get a fairly noticeable tightening of either my hamstring or some tendon running down the back of my right leg. It feels like a slight constriction at the inside of my thigh where the glute and hamstring overlap and down by my knee the constriction feels more like it is on the outside of my leg.

When this occurs, and this is about the third time that it has happened, it remains this way for a few weeks and then all goes back to normal for months at a time until it recurs. It doesn’t cause a loss of functional mobility as I have pretty good flexibility and the difference in tensions between my legs is only really noticeable in deep squatting or while stretching. I’d only estimate the difference in tension between my right and left legs at about 15%.

Anyways, if anyone has ideas on what this may be or what I could do to alleviate the problem a little more quickly, it would be appreciated.


I had tight hamstrings before i started working them. Maybe the tightness is because of a relative weakness to the quads.

Also my abductor/ITB was very tight before i did some work on those. I think sometimes your body makes up for weaknesses by tightening up.

This isn’t how mine was though, it was a constant tightness that loosened up quickly when then became stronger - so your case might be different.

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Sound like it could be some mild sciatica. Regular stretching helps mine. If it gets worse, see a specialist. Good luck.

Thanks for the two replies, and I’m just going to give this a little nudge up towards the top because this problem is a bit annoying. So, you know, if you’ve experienced this or know someone who has and can tell what’s up, that would be cool.


Oh, also, it’s definitely not the sciatica thing, this pretty certainly muscle or tendon related. There is no soreness, just unusual tightness/decreased range of motion.

I’d suggest leg length (ie left/right disparity) as a possible cause.