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Hamstring Tightness/Muscle Imbalance


Hopefully someone can help me out here...A little background info: I'm 6'1'', 190 lbs and I've been lifting for roughly 2 solid years now and I've never had much of a problem but recently my left hamstring has been significantly weaker and extremely tight. I've played basketball my whole life and am left handed meaning my dominant leg is right leg when I go to jump for rebounds, lay-ups, jump shots , etc. I can tell there is a discrepancy in strength between the two legs due to repeatedly using my right leg over my left. Recently though in the past 3 or 4 months every time after I play for a few hours, the next day my hamstring is significantly tighter, weaker, and I have trouble balancing on that leg. I always stretch for 10-15 minutes after basketball and perform foam rolling and the dynamic warm up provided by Eric Cressey in Maximum Strength before training sessions. This was never a problem before when I played and lifted but after warming up and performing warm up sets for my deadlift, I really felt it and it killed my strength levels.

It is very noticeable during RDLs, deadlifts, and especially during feet elevate split squats; I almost fall over on my left leg mid way through the motion because my hamstring is so tight/weak. I feel as if I need a deep tissue massage to work that knot out but I don't know if there is other muscle tightness causing this issue. I've noticed that when I don't play basketball and strictly lift, there isn't much of an issue. But as I stated before, I never had this problem a year ago and played for Indiana University's club team 4-5 times competitively per week while lifting and never felt much of an issue. Do I need to correct the muscle imbalance or do is it something more? I'd really appreciate any help/suggestions if you've experienced any problems similiar to this. Thanks!


Maybe you should go see a doctor… BUMP!


Deads with one leg at a time? Left first, then an equal number of reps with right?

Seeing a professional is a good idea.