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Hamstring Stretch-Lower Back


Hi, t-nationars.
I have a problem with my lower back, so hard for me to hold it in extension.

In the past i do a lot standing pike stretch and i was able to hold my palms at floor with completly straight legs but what i actually do is compensation in my back in order to short hamstrings.(rounding lower-middle back).
When i notice that and try standing pike stretch with Straight back i can't even touch floor with fingers, missing about 15 cm from my fingers to the floor.

And in staff pose( dandasana in yoga) have a big lower back flexion.
To admonish, i have a great ROM in Brigde, almost full bridge.

SO which muscles are actually tight, is it lower back or my hamstring, and how to deal with it, how to improve this, because with constantly lower back flexion i can't stretch almost anything in my lower body.

I will put a picture of my bridge and low back in staff pose-sitting on flor with straight legs.