Hamstring strength

I am a college linebacker looking to improve the strength in my hams. Any good exercises that hit em hard? I already do glute/ham raises, leg curls, and stiff leg deads. Also, should I do all the ham exercises on the same day or split em up? (I have 2 leg training days) Any help is appreciated.

Here’s one of many hamstring articles that the T-mag search engine will bring up: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

just out of curiosity, do you play in the big 12?

do some hamstring involved, compound movement atleast twice a week

Try romanian deadlifts and reverse hypers.

Try dumbbell or kettlebell swings and snatches. They hit the hams hard.

As previously mentioned, the reverse hyper would be an excellent addition if available. Don’t forget about the rest of the posterior chain, though. Attack those glutes & lower back with abandon, athlete.

I originally walked on for an SEC team as a freshman, but transferred to a Division III school. Do you play?

Thanks for the help, fellas. I have heard about the reverse hypers and planned on trying them out too. I will try the kbell swings too but guess I’ll have to use a dumbell. Thanks again for the help. It is greatly appreciated.

no, i dont play, but i gave my buddy this website, and his email address has the word “sniper” in it (he’s a MLB at our big 12 team) so i thought it might be him. gotta admit, “annhil8or” is a damn good forum name for a 'backer!

Quick question, when do hamstring strenght come into play??? Benefits???

I do powercleans, dlifts, and legpress.

When does hamstring strength come in to play? ALWAYS! there isn’t a thing in the game of football that doesn’t involve hamstrings. Running jumping sprinting all require strong hamstrings if they are to be done well.

Adam Marshall