Hamstring Strain

I figured this was the bst place to post this question as it does deal with sports; more so a sports injury. Our basketball coach had us run the mile (smart guy, I know) and we all had to do it siub 6:00. so i really pushed it and ened up with a PB of 4:50. The next day, I woke up wth both my hamtrings extremely sore, or so I thought as they seemed to get worse in te following 24 hours and felt more like an overuse strain.

It’s now been 72 hours and they are about the same as yesterday. My question is if I hve been doing some running on them(lighter, more of just shooting stuff), can I use heat? Or because I’m still using them, the heat will induce more inflammation and I should just stick with cold? Should massage or stretching be used anywhere in there? Thanks a lot.

use them again in a light manner, get 'em warmed up and do some gentle stretching. you need to get some blood moving through them so they can recover sooner.