Hamstring Strain

Hope someone can help. Discovered this site and it is good, pitty the UK doesn’t have one like it.
My problem is I get a sore hamstring right under the bum towards the inside. This occurs after training, not during.I have tried resting and various stretches etc, but the problem occurs again. I do weights and jog, but this only occurs when I try sprinting.
Any advice? Remedies? Stretches?

Do some glute-ham raises, reverse hypers and stretch (more than once a day, but particulairly after your workout). Glute-ham raises and reverse hypers will not only strengthen the hams but also stretch them out and prevent ham “pulls”. (For info on how to do these exercises do a search-you don’t need any special equipment.)

I’ve had a couple of ham pulls in my rugby career, and i healed them usually within a few days by simply resting, icing, and doing light stretching. Rest may be the best option, so just cut out the leg work from your program for a week. During that week, do light cycling every day for about 15 min, stretch lightly afterwards, then apply ice for at least 3 cycles of 20 min. on, 40 min. off. Hope that helps.

Could be an adhesion at the attachment of your hamstring at the ischial tuberosity (the bone that you sit on). The adductors may also be involved as they have a pretty strong hip extension function during sprinting, stiff leg d-lift, good mornings, etc. The adductor magnus and medial hamstrings can actually develop an adhesion between them. Get some soft tissue work done on it. Stretch the hamstings with a slight bend in the knee and a lot of hip flexion. A longer hold will allow the stretch reach the ischial attachment.