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Hamstring Strain

I felt a pop-pop during my hill sprints yesterday, a small amount of discoloration is present, but has not got any worse at this point. I have been icing it, elevating it, and have it compressed with an ace wrap. I have had some strains of this hamstring in the past. Does anyone have any tips to speed healing so I can rehab. this thing so it doesn’t happen again? Thanks

Start with gentle range of motion and very light, non-painful activity. Get motion to the leg as well, move around as much as you can without causing pain. You don’t have to be doing anything more than a walk or light dynamic mobility. Once the pain and spasm decreases, you can progress to rehab activities. In terms of rehab, I particularly like these two articles, especially the one by Joe Heiler.

  1. Preventing Hamstring Injuries: Part I by Joe Heiler PT, CSCS

  2. Extreme Hamstrings: High-Tension Hamstring Training by Erick Minor

To be on the safe side ice it for the next 72 hours and do what you’ve been doing.

When you are able to get past the initial parts of injury you will probably need to do some of this stuff since it is light like levelheaded said.

  1. Recumbent Bike (light)
  2. Hamstring Stretch (Light like said previously)
  3. Hamstring Curls with Stability Ball

Thanks guys, the articles look great.