Hamstring Soreness After Standing Calf Raises

Good Afternoon Coach,
I just started your Calves add-on program. After completing the calf raise exercises (workout 2) I awoke this morning with pretty intense DOMS in the crook of my knees and the lower hamstrings. I’m thinking it’s caused by the standing calf raise.
I followed the set/reps and set up as programmed, elevating the toes on a block to ensure a full ROM. The movement is pretty straight forward so I wouldn’t suspect improper execution as the cause, so I thought I would reach out to you and see if you might have any insight.
Although they are very sore, maybe just typical DOMS? And will decrease after adapting to them?
Thank for all your time and assistance…greatly appreciated.

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Well, have you been training your calves before? And were using that specific movement?


I have trained calves sporadically, mainly using seated calf raises. So I decided to start taking it more serious and got your add on.
I was surely expecting the calves to have some significant DOMS, but was not really expecting behind the knees and lower hamstring area.
I was a bit concerned because the sensation behind the knees is different that a “typical” DOMS sensation. I stayed very light on the standing version as it was new to me…maybe just not light enough.
The pain has subsided quite a bit today so I’m thinking to maybe drop to just body weight sets and work up from there.

Well, the gastroc (one of the calves muscle, specifically trained with standing calves raises) is biarticular and crosses the knees and attaches behind and slightly above the knees. So the soreness you are feeling is likely the gastroc, not hamstrings.

And it is not unexpected if you never trained that muscle/exercise much before (the seated calves raise work mostly the other calves muscle: the soleus)

Thank you much for your help, greatly appreciated!