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Hamstring Recruitment in Squats

Is the recruitment of hamstrings in the squat dependant on the depth one squats to? In other words, will there be any hamstring recruitment if someone squats to above parallel versus someone who squats ATG?

yes this is friggin common sense, it’s not possible to NOT recruit the hamstrings in a squat movement, but to show you i found this through google.

In 2002 Caterisano et al conducted a study on thigh muscle contribution during the partial, parallel, and full squat. �??During the partial squat they found 69% recruitment from the quadriceps, 16.9% recruitment from the gluteus maximus, and 13.37% recruitment from the biceps femoris (Not sure why adductor magnus was not tested??). In contrast, the parallel squat had 56.64% recruitment from the quadriceps, 28% recruitment from the gluteus maximus, and 15.35% from the hamstrings (4).�?? The glute activation nearly doubled, when increasing the range of motion from quarter squat to parallel squat, while the hamstring recruitment stayed the same. With this knowledge, an athlete lacking in posterior chain development, specifically hip extension power from the glueus maximus, may want to perform squats to at least the parallel position, assuming no pre-existing injuries in the low back or knees.

why does this even matter, or are you just asking a question just to ask, because you could just google it