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Hamstring questions

I’d like to know if any of you guys had success developping semitendinous & semimembranous muscles to the point they are visible. I came accross an article by C. Waterbury that mentionned you could make those muscles work harder by doing good mornings and RDL with feet inward. I’m asking myself if it’s worth it, both from a functional and from a bodybuilding point of view.

One word: conditioning.

[quote]Chris Velletri wrote:
One word: conditioning.[/quote]

Conditioning only reveals these muscles it does not “work” them.

Any muscle is worth training in my opinion. I do not train these two muscles specifically because they aren’t as important/impressive as the quadriceps and biceps femoris. If you’ve found a way to target them I say go for it. Training any muscle certainly will not be a bad thing from a functional point of view and a bodybuilding/aesthetic point of view.


As Gerdy said.

Also… If you are at the point where the most important thing you need to work on is your semiten and semimem, then go for it.

Diet is what gives the BB that striated ham look. Diet, Clen and T3… :wink: