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Hamstring Pulls


Hi All,

I seem to be prone to mile hamstring pulls while hard sprinting. I'll be sprinting and it'll just pop. It doesn't usually take long to heal but it happens frequently. I've read that it may have something to do with a Quadricep:Hamstring strength imbalance, true? Any thoughts on what I can or should do?


We would need a bunch more information about you before we could even give a wild guess. And even then, without doing a full out assessment of you, all input is purely speculative. Where does the strain occur, proximal or distal hamstring? What are your lifting numbers like? What ype of strength training program do you follow? What is your running technique like? How is your mobility of your hips and ankles?

Without any of that information, the blind shot in the dark guess I'd make would be less of a quad/hamstring imbalance and I would be more inclined to state that it is probably more due to poor glute strength and hip control, poor eccentric control into hip flexion and knee extension, and poor tissue quality. But again, that is just from the experience I have had working with people with chronic hamstring strains from sprinting and may or may not pertain to your condition.


Sorry my anantomy knowledge is not the best. I'd say it's my Biceps Femoris based on the location of the discomfort.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 215
Back Squat: 1RM 325lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 1RM ~220lbs (I've never tested it, I only use it for assistance work)
Leg Curl: 1 leg: 1RM ~90lbs (I've never tested it, I only use it for assistance work)
Deadlift: 1RM 315lbs

I currently follow CT's HP Mass Program and am beginning week 6. Prior to that I had followed Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 for about 4 months. Our coaches put some good focus on sprint technique in high school football, but that was 15 years ago, although I'm sure I've maintained some of the technique. Let's say it's average and room for improvement.

Flexibility: Not sure how to judge my ankle's flexibility, it seems good. My hip's flexibility could improve and I think some of the frequent Squat work has somewhat reduced my hip mobility.

IT might also be do to a pre-existing injury. About 11 years ago I pulled my hamstring really badly playing football on an astroturf field. I could barely even walk for the following two weeks and I couldn't squat again for almost six-months. I probably should've seen a doctor and if didn't happen the week before I was getting married I probably would've. It may not have healed right which could be a problem.