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Hamstring Pull! Recovery Techniques

 Hey Guys

Currently doing Week One of Waterbury's new HF routine.

On the fourth work set for the sumo deads on the 3rd rep I felt a slight twinge in my right hamstring in mid pull - I dropped the bar and aborted the set.

I was able to finish the rest of the workout without a problem - but I do feel that my hamstring is very tender and I can just tell it's going to get stiff as hell, and generally keep me from doing any kind of squatting/DL'ing with any kind of decent weight for a good week or so.

(I base this on the last time I pulled my hamstring about 8 months ago doing conventional DL triples - I was out for about 10 days ).

My question: is there anyway to speed up recovery ? Any balms? Light cardio to get the blood in there? Wraps? Or od I have to suck it up and just rest?

Right now I just deep some deep massage with Bengay for about 20 minutes and am taking an Advil every 5-6 hours to blunt the pain. I plan to do it again during my lunch hour, when I get home from work, and right before I go to bed tonight.

This really sucks - injuries are about as frustrating a thing as can happen to an avid athlete. Just wondering if any of you guys have had a similar experience and how you dealt with it.

thanks in advance.


Gene Coleman, use to be S&C coach for the Astros. Is he still??! Anyways, Nolan Ryan had some really bad hammy pulls during his career, to get his back quickly, Gene had him jogging in the swimming pool & progressed to running & then sprinting. You can do this in place or wear some shoes & try it with actual running, jogging etc.

I've done this for pulled hammys & it's works wonders! I would say try it & see what happens. Make sure you do a warm up, just don't get in & start. Warm up & then do some dynamic stretching.

Good luck! Hope this helps you!



thanks for the feedback, I'll give it a go when I get home.