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Hamstring Problems


Today, while running 40 yard sprints after wrestling for an hour or so. On my third sprint, my hamstring popped and my leg went numb. I didn't collapse or anything but I was scared I tore something. I've been icing but I can't think of much more to do. I can still walk on it but any rehab tips would be appreciated


How about some prehab tips? Why did you hurt your hamstring in the first place? We need more information on your training... for example... how do you warmup, how do your glutes function, do you have anterior or posterior pelvic tilt?

Anyway, rehab should involve rest and ice for the first week like you are doing and if it stops hurting, you can begin some gentle ROM stuff. If it hurts, you are doing too much ROM. But if you had more than just a grade 1 or 2 muscle strain... you need to go to a physical therapist or you will be screwed for a while.


I was running electronically timed 40 yard sprints and over extended my leg and came down hard on on it, there was a tearing feeling, and I have now went to the doctor and it is reportedly a partially torn hamstring. She told me that one of the 4 muscles that make up the hamstring had been damaged.

I now have an appointment with a Physical Therapist tommorow, but I more need to know what I can and cannot do and what lifts/training I can perform. My warmup consisted of some static stretching, jogging, deep leg muscle stretches, and about five minutes of grappling. After that I ran one 40, and then attempted to run my second whenI hurt my hamstring, hope that helped some thank you!