Hamstring Lump

Last Friday I had a leg workout and maxed on squats for the first time in a while. I failed on one rep and then went on to complete my workout. After that I went home noticed a lump in my hamstring that had pain when I pressed on it but no pain when i use the muscle. I didn’t think anything of this and it went away and then today, hit legs again notice tonight that the lump was back and had a bruise but there’s still no actual hamstring pain, only pain when I press on the lump. Anybody have any ideas what the problem could be, I don’t really want to go to the doctor if I don’t have to, I suspected it’s just scar tissue or something like that anybody have any similar experiences?

Could be scar tissue yes, however also could be something much worse. Did it hurt when you failed the squat and did you hear any kind of snap/pop? I’m just thinking if something tore completely it wouldn’t hurt right now but the muscle would be balled up and it would be bruised. Might be worth checking out if the bruise and lump stick around for awhile.

That was the weird part about it, It didn’t hurt at all when I failed on that rep and I heard no pop or sharp pain at all. I even finished my workout with straight leg deadlifts and hamstring curls and had no issues. The only thing I could think of was that maybe its just a bruise caused by the hamstring curl machine being tight on my leg when it locks into place but I don’t know how that would cause a lump like this, its the size of a golf ball.

After a couple days the lump completely went away. Then after yesterdays workout it was worse than the first time and the bruise set in more then. I still have no pain or lack of motion/strength from it. I googled the hell out of the symptoms and have found nothing.

That is bizarre. Could also maybe just be a fat deposit that gets pushed up when you pump up your hamstrings?

I thought about that too but thought it was wierd to have bruising from something like that. I have no idea, its just an odd one! My friend told me it was ass cancer so I figured i’d check on here with someone who might have a relative idea haha

Is this still a problem for you? I’ve just been experiencing exactly the same thing, i first noticed a lump in the back of my hamstring a few weeks ago, and today I’ve noticed it again, after it had disappeared… I worked out very hard yesterday, but didn’t feel it hurt at any point…

This has completely went away for me and never caused further issues. I work my hamstrings much harder now then I did at that time and haven’t had problems, so I never was able to come to a conclusion on what the problem was.