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Hamstring - Lower Back Soreness


I just tried Charles Poliquin's "Hamstring Times 2" workout and it kicked my ass.

Just wondering, when I was doing the Good Morning, romanian deadlifts, and back extensions, my hamstrings definitely felt the stretch but afterwards, there was much more soreness in my lowerback.

During the GM and rdl's I tried not to let my lower back bend, am I doing something wrong or is this just my lowerback getting stronger thru pain?


Sounds like the lower back might be slowly giving out. The tightness during this lifts indicates your back is cramping around areas that are not supported in the excercise.

But....I'm biased since I've pretty much hamburgered my lower discs.


Goodmornings and Romanian deadlifts are both exercises where you have to raise the weight slowly to allow for adaptation of the lower back.

And you have to bend at the hip, not at the waist.

How much weight did you use?