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Hamstring Issues


Hey, i was recently running a track meet a while ago and after my race my hamstring started 2 hurt whne i would walk, but it felt better in 2 weeks for my other track meet and while i was runing that during my race i could feel my hamstring pop and now i cant even lift my leg out in front of me 3 inches without a sharp pain and i cant walk at all
do u think i tore it?


yes, go to a doctor. good luck.


but its weird though because i dont see any bruising


The blood may take a few days to work its way to the skin surface where you can see it. I pulled a hamstring last Tuesday while sprinting. I was on my sixth 100 meter sprint when I felt the pop. Limped back to the car with assistance. The bruising didn't show up until Friday.



thanks for the info i have all of those symptoms so it might be while