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Hamstring issues


I pulled my ham a year ago and literally every time i try to sprint it pulls. i tried massaging it. tried rehabbing/prehabbing. I don't know whats wrong. i do mobility work to warm up and dynamic stretching. I've only pulled it once in the gym and it was soon after the first pull (the worst one). i can jog and walk with no problems. as soon as i try to sprint it feels like someone is clenching their fist around my hamstrings in my right leg.

i know this isn't powerlifting, but i am a powerlifter and need my hamstrings to be as strong/healthy as possible. i can feel the tightness in my deadliest but other than that it hasn't been an issue. I often worry about it though


Did you take any time off after you pulled it or did you just try working around it?


Have you seen a medical provider for this first of all?


Sounds like a good issue for some sort of qualified professional. It sounds like you never really had it checked out and treated by someone. At this point you probably have a lot of scar tissue built up that really needs to be taken care of by someone trained for that. After that take it really slow building back up.

And why do you need to sprint? unless your making money or its paying for your school why do something that you continually injure yourself doing?


^What they said go see a Doctor, I pulled my hamstring a couple years ago doing sprints, never saw a DR and tried to work around it and I regret it. Get it taken care of right away


There’s some pulled hamstring recovery protocols on the running mechanics site, which involves a lot of sprinting. I pulled my hammie too. Once you pull it, you’re 3-5x more likely to pull it again. So, as guys above said see a PT or someone. I still haven’t, and it’s creeped its way up to my piriformis and I have back issues now.


week off ice/heat all week
Foam Roll
Check your sprint form
begin VERY light stretching
Jog building up to fast running
Work on increasing step rate, shorten stride length for a some time.
Same time work on less ground contact.
sprinting, never go 100% more then a few times a week ( like literally 3-5 sprints) week.
after every sprint session walking straight leg kicks not to hard,
Whenever your legs feel light and the best they feel don’t go 100%, and really concentrate on step rate.
After a while build back up, you’ll naturally sprint better and won’t have to worry as much.


I used to be plagued by hamstring injuries even though I had “strong” hamstrings. I could do 11 manual GHRs with a 2 second pause at the bottom and 10lbs behind my head. However knee flexion exercises are a waste of time for preventing hamstring injuries.
Perfect form RDL’s cured my hamstring problems. I did a cycle of LIGHT RDLs concentrating on absolutely flawless form and getting a massive stretch in my hamstrings for 5 sets of 10.
I’ve never had anything close to a hamstring problem since doing this.


Thanks for the replies guys. A lot of helpful info.

I have a friend who is a pt(therapist) and he really wasn’t helpful. Guess I should get another look at it.