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Hamstring Injury

injured my ham (not sure if pull or slight tear) while running sprints three days ago. I felt a big pop which had me pretty concerned the night of but there has been no bruising and ive been able to walk and stand without problem since it happened. i just cant get any stretch without pain and its also a little sore to the touch.

basically i want to know when i should stop r.i.c.e’ing and start stretching/light resistance work, and eventually when heavy lifting is ok. I dont want to rush it and make it a big issue but ive been getting close to a PR so im pretty anxious to get well

From one bird to another;

I would stop ricing after the first 48 hours of the injury happening. The evidence for ice is weak.
I recommend resting it with only walking for exercise. Don’t do any stretching/light resistance work until it is 90% better and you feel no pain.
When you are confident that things have healed up, consider getting some ART to break up any resulting scar tissue.

Good luck my cousin.